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Design & Build

From start to finish, with you every step of the way

Whatever scale your project Osprey Construction will be with you from start to finish. We can advise on all aspects from initial ideas, through the architectural process, planning, materials, low energy use innovation to practicalities of your site.


We won't tell you that our involvement will make your project stress free, the reality is no project is stress free for the client or the contractor. What we will promise is that we'll act as your project partner ensuring you get the best deals possible from materials providers and ancillary services and explain in plain language each step. 


We've been overseeing design and build projects from start to finish for over 25 years in North Norfolk and understand the need to protect our clients in order to protect our own reputation.  

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"I really felt looked after, like they were on my side and took the time to explain any issues in language I could actually understand'

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